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🛑Before Going To A New Home All Puppies Will Be🛑

✔️ Sold ONLY to loving families

✔️Current on Shot

✔️Current on Dewormer

✔️Tail will be docked

〰️Ears cropped ONLY at the request of the owner. (Payment of our vet cost will be due for ears at time of the appointment.)〰️

✔️All puppies will be ICCF Registerable


🟣We do NOT over breed our dog, so we will retire our female. This is for the health and well being of our female Stormy and her future litters.🟣


💙💜Our puppies are extremely important to us!! So, we will wait as long as it takes for the best homes! Ask our previous owners!😉💜💙


♦️Important to know♦️

🐶The breed🐶

Do your research before inquiring about the litter.

▪️I am more than willing to answer questions regarding education on this breed.

This breed may not be for everyone...😮😱🤣

❗❗If you are NOT serious about purchasing a puppy (💲). I do request that you do not send me a ton of emails and texts if you do not get an immediate response. I do my best to respond to everyone in a timely manner (Keep in mind I do have a job and family)❗❗😜


❔How do you pick a puppy ❔

▪️To hold a specific puppy it will require a deposit.

▪️The deposit goes TOWARDS the total cost of the puppy❗

▪️ Deposits are non-refundable UNLESS otherwise decided by the breeder 🙋🏼‍♀️ and only under certain circumstances.

▪️The cost of the puppy DOES NOT include shipping cost❗


📌Cane Corso Italiano's per airline guidelines are considered smug nose dogs. This meaning Cane Corso Italiano's CANNOT fly unattended underneath an aircraft.✈️ In order to ship by airline would require a transportation company, OR individual to fly with your dog in a seat on an airplane.✈️ SUPER Important to know. So, unless you are available to meet under deciding factors, or are available to come to Cowboy Country 🤠🐮 please keep in mind transportation is an extra cost.🚜🚢🚌🚕🚗✈️ 📌

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